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The positive change in behaviour and confidence levels seen in the children and youth in our programs is one of the biggest motivational factors to insure these programs continue to exist. Brad Calder and Nicole Langlois run our Children’s Program (ages 6-10), Youth Program (ages 10-14) and the Summer Day Camp at Flora house. The programs are geared to encourage ongoing personal growth and to help develop skills in math, English, science, sports, the arts, nutrition, and computers.

Together Brad and Nicole play an important role in providing the neighborhood with a safe place where their children are steered away from crime, drugs and unfortunate situations that occur commonly in this neighborhood. Brad and Nicole are addictions and community service workers who help counsel and educate the children in making better decisions. They spend their time insuring the children follow the scheduled activities and develop their skills.

We would love to take these children to more outings so that they can experience a world outside of their own however a lack of funding has been a large barrier. One of the hopes Brad has for this program is to increase staffing to exceed the capacity of 12 children per program. He hopes that in the future Flora House can acquire funding to create a similar program for 15-17 year olds, so that the youth in the current program can continue to be guided towards a more fulfilling life at a age where outside influences are at their height.


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