WICM is a non-profit organization committed to providing a healthy community for children, youth, and families.

A Place of Hope

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At A Place of Hope, Endaayaang, we operate the First Steps to Independence Program. Working in tandem with our housing project, which provides fully furnished bachelor style suites, the program offers support for residents with setting goals, taking action, and moving forward. We offer confidential services and advocate for our participants within the healthcare, justice, and education systems, and with social service agencies.

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Flora House

Flora House provides education based after school and summer programming for children in the Dufferin area. We focus on the the Learning Through Play model, Indigenous lead workshops, and teachings from Knowledge Keepers and Elders.

Healthy living is at the centre of our programming, providing youth in the inner-city with access to open natural spaces and new exciting environments to learn in.

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Our Logo

Artis Cliff Bear designed our logo using colours of the medicine wheel and Indigenous representations of animals, family, and the Creator. The eagle and bear, coupled with the imagery of family, the colours red, yellow, black, and white, and the cross that runs through the image, represent strength, family, and community. To learn more about Cliff or to purchase a print of his artwork, visit the Our Artist page.

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WICM is a non-profit
organization committed
to providing a healthy
community for children,
youth and families.

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