Our Artist

The art I create comes from the stories I hear from the people I meet along my journey.”

– Cliff Bear

Art is Medicine

I’m Cliff Bear, a local aboriginal artist and my drive is to give back to the community through the medicine of art. I want people to see and hear from people from Main Street because people from the streets of Winnipeg have dreams and goals. Most of all they have gifts to share in their spirit to show whoever will listen and who wants to see. Don’t give up on people. To see who they really are, you have to try not to look just at what’s on the outside of a person but look for what’s inside. Because if you look at what’s inside you’ll find an artist, a person, a mother, a father, a grandma, a grandfather, even a sister, a brother, but most of all a friend. We just got lost somewhere. Somehow getting lost is so easy, but getting back is the hardest thing in life for some people. Because when we’re lost we think that everyone gave up on us and that no one cares. And you know, most people do not understand the hurt that we carry in and out of our lives and in our heart each day of the week. All we want is for someone to hear us, our cry for help. We go through life being lost in the world. Most people won’t go down Main Street. Either they’re scared or just don’t want to understand us or where we came from. l was one of these scared and lost people on Main Street. I was a young boy, and at the age of four I was confused. Growing up on Main Street, I blamed myself for everything and I said it’s my fault. But now, as an adult, the Creator showed me a better way of life and a better path to follow. I like to give my gifts to the people that are on Main Street so that they can get a better understanding about their gifts.

I am working to raise funds to purchase art supplies, which I will then share with people experiencing poverty and homelessness in the core area of Winnipeg to give them the opportunity to express themselves through art. Art is medicine and can help people to heal. For me, art is a gift that I have from the Creator and I want to share that with people to help them heal.

I have sold my artwork around the world, in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and the USA, as well as all over Canada.

No. 1 Thank You Creator
No. 2 Eagle Dreamcatcher
No. 3 Colourful Eagle
No. 4 Deer Dreamcatcher
No. 5 Eagle Head Dreamcatcher
No. 6 Howling Wolves
No. 7 River Bear Dreamcatcher
No. 8 Two Wolves
No. 9 Sweet Dreams
No. 10 Owl’s Moon Dream
No. 11 Dreams of Eagles & Owls
No. 12 Buck & Eagle
No. 13 Buck & Moon
No. 14 Butterfly
No. 15 Butterfly Wings
No. 16 Moon Deer
No. 17 Bronze Dream Eagle
No. 18 Bronze Eagles
No. 19 Winged Rider
No. 20 Soaring Eagle
No. 21 Eagle Head
No. 22 A Loon Moon
No. 23 Green Creation
No. 24 Green Loons
No. 25 Loons
No. 26 Sunset Beaver
No. 27 Sunset Eagle & Bear
No. 28 Sunset Loons
No. 29 Sunset Skydance
No. 30 Sunset Turtle & Man
No. 31 Yellow Loons

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No. 32 One Blue Loon
No. 33 Two Blue Loons
No. 34 Three Blue Loons Duo
No. 35 Blue Bear
No. 36 Blue Eagle
No. 37 Blue Wolf
No. 38 Blue Trio
No. 39 The Great Spirit 1
No. 40 The Great Spirit 2
No. 41 The Great Spirit 3
No. 42 The Great Spirit Trio
No. 43 FR Howling Wolves
No. 44 FR Buck & Moon
No. 45 FR Deer Dreamcatcher
No. 46 FR Eagle Head
No. 47 FR Loons
No. 48 FR Swooping Eagle
No. 49 MA Green Eagle
No. 50 MA Landing Loons


8.5″ x 11″ – $30.00
11″ x 17″ – $50.00

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