Embracing all people in Winnipeg’s inner city, inspiring life-long learning, and building social and personal well-being.

Escaping Poverty
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We offer support to adults living in poverty and/or dysfunctional family units take steps towards upgrading their education and achieving employment.

Building a Foundation

We offer after school programs and summer camps for children and youth at Flora House. Children participate in various activities focus on literacy, well-being and nutrition.


When you make a donation to support WICM, you join thousands of generous individuals who are making an impact in Winnipeg’s Inner City. You help children receive education and enriching life experiences. You provide resources to adults looking to better their future. You help our staff ensure these programs are executed effectively.

Without you, and your generosity we could not do this.

Our Approach
  • Provide advocacy, counselling and structure to those struggling to stay on track
  • Guide children and youth towards literacy and higher learning
  • Create an environment where all are welcome and respected

Our programs are geared to encourage ongoing personal growth.

After one of our Flora house teens were attacked by her classmates after school, our staff was there to meet with the parents, talk to the school principal and most
importantly comfort and support the youth.

An Aboriginal elder spent time at Flora House and taught the youth how to deal with pain, aggression and violence. It was a healing time, a time of personal growth. From one generation to the next, from someone who has experienced similar pain.

To have a better society, we need the place and time to deal with underlying issues. Thank you for the opportunity to do this in my life.” – Edwin, First Steps Program

Edwin had lost his job because of a DUI and some other police charges that put him in the Criminal Record loop. He turned to sobriety and eventually enrolled into the First Steps Program.

Here he was given the support and guidance he needed to navigate his way through school and back into the work force.

He is now a proud graduate of CDI college and obtained a job as a front desk manager.

You will never know their truth until you read their story…

A Different World – Clinton

Clinton, a participant in Winnipeg Inner City Mission’s (WICM) Transitional Housing program, has the gentlest way about him. On first meeting him, one would never believe that he struggled with alcohol for a long time, and is now 8 years sober. That’s a milestone that certainly deserves to be celebrated.  And it’s clear he feelsContinue reading “A Different World – Clinton”

A Women of Strength – Karen

Karen Utech, an elected elder and stalwart volunteer at the Miracle Store and Flora House food bank, first encountered Winnipeg Inner City Missions through the Learn & Play program led by social worker Susan Currie. First Karen, the Mom/Grandmother, worked on her own healing from a tragic past. Now she is helping her girls stayContinue reading “A Women of Strength – Karen”


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