First Steps To Employment Project

Addictions need to be conquered, life skills learned, education and health levels Captureimproved, outstanding charges in the justice system cleared and past wounds of abuse and family violence healed. We assist each individual to identify their own ‘PATH’ forward and then provide ongoing support and advocacy needed for them to successfully achieve their goals.

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Please Email or Fax completed form to: Fax: (204)-957-5001 or Email:

The First Steps to Employment Project offers transitional housing designed to support single adults living in poverty and/or dysfunctional family or social units while they develop positive employment skills. Our program consists of single mostly Aboriginal persons, who are unemployed or underemployed and have a commitment to change. Individuals may need to take many first steps before they will be able to function in a healthy way and that is where our program can provide assistance.

Our approach is to offer confidential services and to advocate for the individual with the health care, justice, education systems and social service agencies. Without this type of personal support individuals often fail to make use of the existing services available to them.

To Qualify you must:                                                   

  • Be between the ages of 30-50.
  • Agree to obtain employment in the future
  • Agree to participate in counseling
  • Agree to volunteer a minimum of 3 hours a week within our center

You must be referred to the program by a worker or agency who knows you such as:

  • EIA
  • AFM
  • Salvation Army
  • Ma Mawi
  • Pritchard House
  • New Directions etc.

We are NOT a treatment centre. People with an addiction are welcomed to participate in the First Steps to Employment Projects only if:

  • They have been clean and/or sober for a minimum of 1 year
  • They have an assessment from participating in an addictions program
  • They have a letter of reference from an addiction facility and from an AA, NA, or CA group which they have been attending on a regular basis, and agree to continue with this support.

For more information please contact our First Steps to Employment Project Coordinator;  Ms. Crystal McKeen at 1-204-942-8682 ext 223.