Our motivated team members work hard each day to provide an healthy and encouraging environment for individuals and families within our community.  We are committed to providing a safe space where individuals and families can develop skills that will help grow their confidence and build success in the future.  As a team we offer skills in childcare, child and family development, social work, addictions and recovery and employment.  Together our goal is to provide a place of hope and community for individuals and families living in Winnipeg’s North end and inner city. 

Ruth Magnuson – Executive Director

2016-12-07-AFP1362-Ruth-Magnuson-FINAL - Copy (2)Ruth Magnuson comes to Winnipeg Inner City Missions because of her deep desire to work alongside others who are seeking a world where all people live with respect and dignity. Her career has included teaching from Kindergarten to University levels, serving as an executive director of a faith-based women’s organization, and as an organizational management consultant. Within the context of her work, she has engaged in topics such as poverty, homelessness, refugees, violence against women and the commercial sexual exploitation including trafficking of women and children, educating herself and others with the goal to be action oriented and to see change happen. Ruth has a strong desire to listen and learn from those around her and is dedicated to upholding the significant and meaningful work of Rev. Margaret, the Board and the staff.

  • Phone: 204-942-8682 ext 222
  • Email: ruthmagnuson@wicm.ca

 Crystal McKeen – First Steps to Employment Coordinator

Crystal is a home grown success story.  Crystal offers an Aboriginal Child and Family Services Diploma, a Bachelor of Social Work, a history of lived experiences and success in overcoming the challenges of living in a neighborhood stricken with violence and poverty and a practical hands on approach to life.  Her skills and endless determination have enabled her success, making her an excellent role model and leader as our First Steps to Employment Coordinator.  Crystals provides encouragement and a friendly face to the participants of our programs and works hard to ensure that everyone who completes our program leaves feeling confident and ready to conquer their goals.

  • Phone: 204-942-8682 Ext 223 
  • Email: crystalmckeen@wicm.ca

Susan Currie – Parish Social Work, Learn and Play Program Coordinator 

12778895_10153296191942301_2556897707195567315_o.jpgSusan Currie has been affiliated with Winnipeg Inner City Mission for well over a decade; first as a volunteer, then a Board Member and is now the Parish Social worker. With a Bachelor of Social Work, and the Early Childhood Education III diploma she is well equipped to deal with families in crisis.  As the leader of our Learn and Play Program, Susan offers young children and their guardians the opportunity to learn how to engage and grow with others in similar situations.  As the parish social worker Susan offer counseling and referral services while addressing the various social needs of children, families, and individuals. The aim of the Parish Social worker is to encourage individual/family/community well-being by promoting healthy relationships with self/God/others.  Successful work with people whose trust has been broken by systems and individuals requires a rebuilding of trust that takes time and personal professional investment. 

  • Phone: 204-942-8682 ext 224
  • Email: susancurrie@wicm.ca

Brad Calder – Flora House Program Coordinator 

Brad is in charge of facilitating our children and youth summer program as well as after school program at Flora House.  Brad is an excellent role model and leader, his passion and dedication does not go unseen.  Brad works hard everyday to ensure that each child feels welcomed at Flora House by providing a safe and open-minded environment.  

  • Phone: 204-586-5494
  • Email: bradcalder@wicm.ca



Cadena Sinclair – Flora House Program Assistant 

Growing up in the North End and inner city community Cadena knows how challenging the environment can be for children.  As a mother of her own Cadena strives to create a space full of encouragement and new opportunities.  She displays patience and understanding through her ability to connect with the children and is an amazing role model and leader.