This fall, Winnipeg Inner City Missions is participating in the Ride for Refuge, a non-competitive bicycling and walking fundraiser with locations across Canada.  We’re joining with hundreds of other charitable partners like us who care for displaced, vulnerable and exploited people. Our goal is to raise $8,000 for our projects that provide housing, employment, and support to children and families in Winnipeg. To accomplish our goal, we’re looking for:

  • 4-8 Team Captains (of all shapes, sizes and stages) to recruit 6-8 friends and raise a minimum of $2000 per team
  • Of course, we’re also looking for a whole pile of riders and walkers to join our teams and help us raise this critical $8,000

Donate or join a team today

Click Here Now to Participate

Will you join us? We need you! What could be better than all of us squeezing into our spandex and sweating together while raising money for Winnipeg Inner City Missions?

Your participation in the Ride for Refuge provides support to Winnipeg Inner City Missions. Financial support is vital for our programs.  It provides activities for children and youth. Our children and youth learn about nutrition, go on outings and discover the world beyond their neighborhood and they get assistance with homework to ensure academic success. Guardians and parents receive coaching and supports to learn and play with their preschool child. Your enthusiasm demonstrates to adults in our 1st Steps to Employment Project that people do care about their success in life!


Your donation is super important too! We rely on people who understand that our programs need funds. You help a child see a world beyond a neighborhood where violence, abuse of drugs and alcohol are prevalent. Your donation gives an adult a chance to live in a safe home and environment that supports him/her to achieve success in relationships, finances and academics. Your financial support means that we can operate our buildings, provide care and compassion to those who are feeling vulnerable and who want to and can be successful!

Thank you for riding or walking with us!

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